***Inquire about Radio Ministry Program*** 

***You can also start your local church radio ministry through EZ Audio Network***


EZ Audio Network is a service first based company that offers you the opportunity of bringing your community together through the world of local and regional sports coverage. Many school districts and athletic teams have the same unique challenges... Internet access is not always available, but the game must go on!!! 

EZ Audio Network can provide you with broadcast opportunities without the need of internet and yet still allow your broadcast to be heard over the internet for your listeners... Another factor that allows the EZ Audio Network to become a broadcast leader is we offer your audience the option of dialing up the broadcast over their phone (cell or land line) and listen to the game in real time.

Parents love to be able to listen to their local schools’ and kids in action on the internet. Your advantage over local radio is that your coverage area is far greater, reception is fantastic no matter what time of day, and archiving ensures that the sponsor’s commercial is heard again and again.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful way of broadcasting your local and regional sporting events EZ Audio Network is your final stop...