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How do users connect to the broadcast?

All clients are offered the use of a free “broadcast link” on EZ Audio Network where you can send your fans to listen to your broadcasts with the use of Flash Media Player in their computer, a smartphone app or by simply dialing in from any type of phone line , listeners can listen live to your event. 

Can listeners access my broadcast with a cell phone or tablet?

Absolutely! Listeners  can access all broadcast using desktop computers, or any Apple or Android-based mobile device. These include iPhone and iPad owners as well.

How is the sound quality?

Compared to most other sports broadcast streaming services, our 56kbps Live Broadcasts, and Archived Podcasts offer superior sound quality. Most other services use as low as 8-32kbps live streaming. We use a standard telephone number to connect to the broadcaster, or if internet access is available, broadcasters or radio stations can connect directly to our server via the internet for even better quality.

How many listeners can tune in to the webcasts?

EZ Audio Network offers UNLIMITED end user availability. No listener will be left behind. 

Can I broadcast two events happening at the same time?

Yes, however a fee will apply for simultaneous broadcasts. 

Are there any long-term contracts?

Rates vary depending on number of games contracted for broadcast. Discounts apply for multiple or long-term agreements. All audio packages include free archiving of broadcast for up to one-year.

What equipment do I need?

A live broadcast can start with as little as a standard or cellular telephone. However, for a typical sports event broadcast, a setup consisting of a mixer, microphone, headphones would present a much more professional approach, as well as more controlled audio results. EZ Audio Network can help you put together a durable, travel-ready broadcast kit, compatible with both land-line and cell telephones, for as low as $100 or less, depending on the broadcast quality you seek.

Are listeners charged to listen?

That is YOUR call... It’s always best to offer your broadcasts free of charge to the end users – your fans and listeners. You can charge per game, or offer a season pass. However, most fans can be put off by having to pay to listen to a broadcast. We suggest finding an underwriter to cover the minimal broadcast costs. 

Can I include my advertisements during the broadcasts?

The broadcast belongs to you. That means you can run as many advertising spots as you wish. You can offer your sponsors commercials during your broadcast, or even on the most basic of broadcasts without the aid of an MP3 player, offer live liners during timeouts, halftime, dead balls, etc. Use a sale pitch to your sponsors that a live liner is valuable because listeners are “tuned in” to the game and are paying attention to the broadcast, as opposed to a commercial break when attention may wander.

Can I simulcast my radio broadcasts over the Internet?

YES!!!  Usually, all that is involved is a simply telephone connection directly to your station.  As long as the radio station has an available phone line that can be patched into the live, on-air feed, EZ Audio Network can transmit the audio over the web.