Broadcast Packages

Our goal at EZ Audio Network is to make your broadcast experience a simple turnkey operation that will provide you and your fans a professional quality sound without breaking the bank. We have over 30 years of broadcast experience and have helped produce many live sports broadcast for sportscasters across the country. 

Our resume includes broadcast coverage for the Southwestern Athletic Conference, The SEC, The Big XII, The Sunbelt Conference, The Southland Conference and numerous JUCO's and High Schools across the country. We do not try to become the jack of all trades, we focus on one thing and that is AUDIO.

Please note: EZ Audio Network does not benefit in any way when it reviews a particular product. We also do not warrant that it will work in all cases, and we are not suggesting to you that you should use reviewed products. We are just saying that "we reviewed it and here are the results". Proceed at your own risk.

Single Broadcast Package $30.00 per broadcast

10 Broadcast Package $10.00 per broadcast

20 Broadcast Package $8.00 per broadcast

40 Broadcast Package $6.00 per broadcast

*All broadcast are good for six months from the date of agreement except for the single  broadcast package it is good for 30 days

If you need us to assIst you in your selection process  please feel free to contact us at 


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